Eucalyptus Machine Image Catalog

This Page Provides Eucalyptus Machine Images (EMIs) To Get You Started With Learning And Using Eucalyptus

These Images Are Not Intended For Production Use And Might Be Out of Date With The Latest Patches.


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Quick Start

Source your credentials on a CentOS 6.5 host with Euca2ools 3.1 installed. Then run:
yum install -y xz
bash <(curl -Ls


Instance-store Image Installation

Instance store images use the local storage of your Node Controllers. When the instance is terminated all instance storage is permanently deleted.

  1. Download the image using the appropriate link above
  2. Decompress the image
    xz -d <path-to-downloaded-file>.raw.xz
  3. Use euca2ools to install the image
    euca-install-image -b my-bucket -r x86_64 -i <path-to-downloaded-file>.raw -n my-image-name --virtualization-type hvm

EBS Image Installation

EBS backed images use the shared storage of your Storage Controllers. These instances can be stopped and started. When they are stopped the instance storage is retained and can be recovered when it is started again. If these instances are terminated instance storage will be permanently deleted from the Storage Controller.

Note: These instructions require an enabled imaging service on a 4.0 cloud.

  1. Download the image using the appropriate link above
  2. Decompress the image
    xz -d <path-to-downloaded-file>.raw.xz
  3. Use euca2ools to import the image as a volume
    euca-import-instance -b my-bucket -f raw -a x86_64 -p Linux -t m1.small <path-to-downloaded-file>.raw 
  4. Wait for your instance to import. You can check the status of the task by running the following command. This operation can take up to 20 minutes depending on your hardware profile.
  5. Once your task is complete you will have a new running instance of the image.
  6. You can now make any customizations necessary to the instance and then run euca-create-image to save your result as an EMI.
    euca-create-image <your-imported-instance-id> --name your-new-image-name

Creating your own base image

The process by which we create these images is open and available for contribution. We use Packer to create these images using the QEMU builder. In order to build your own images from scratch follow the directions on the cloud-images README. You can tweak the script in each image directory in order to customize your image.

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